What's New - Jan 08


A new dual-core computer with 2GB of RAM and a fast graphics card was supposed to resolve some of my computer problems in 2007, but the computer came with Windows Vista pre-installed, which only created a whole host of new problems. My advice to anyone buying a new computer these days is to try and avoid Vista if at all possible, almost nothing is compatable with it, including programmes that worked quite happily with Windows XP - that's what Microsoft calls progress apparently.

In this update in the aircraft section is an article on an unusual French helicopter the Cougar Horizon that acts as a mini J-STARs. There are also three articles on early reconnaissance jets - the Grumman F9F-6P Cougar, the Sud Aviation Vautour and the SAAB Lansen. In the Cancelled section is an article on the Convair Kingfish an aircraft that in many ways was as far ahead of its time at the Lockheed A-12 and could have made a similar impact had it ever entered operational service and an unusual UAV the Boeing Condor that was cancelled before it could really demonstrate its capability. In the Proposed section there's an article on one aspect of the USA's global strike programme, the Falcon a hypersonic aircraft that may well be an offshoot of a previous 'black' hypersonic programme.

In the Operations section are two new articles, the first is on Project Field Goal, a series of daring overflights of Laos before the Vietnam War got underway, the second article covers some Swedish Cold War reconnaissance sorties. In the UAV section is an article on the highly successful RQ-7B Shadow UAV that is proving such a success in Iraq.

As usual the Latest News section has a number of short articles on various recent incidents and announcements. I’ve also updated some of the current pages to correct errors or add new information or photographs as well as revising the credits section to acknowledge the source documents. As I always state on the site, I have no wish to infringe anyone’s copyright and, whenever possible, I try and contact the author to seek permission if I intend to use a specific photograph or quote extensively from their book or article. I get sent a large number of photographs by colleagues and visitors which are often unattributed, if you recognise a photograph and wish to claim copyright, please drop me an e-mail