My initial vote of thanks goes to Rod Hayward, aka Tazzo, the Photoshop & HTML meister. Firstly, for the the superb Spyflight graphic and secondly for the Website template, which made my task much, much easier. Rod works from home these days, but when he was commuting into central London every day, he enjoyed it about as much as I did!!

Click here to fully appreciate just how much Rod used to enjoy his daily commute into Central London - not for those of a nervous disposition, but very entertaining.

My second vote of thanks must go to Helen, my eldest daughter, who graduated from Grey College , Durham University in 2004 with a 1st in Computer Science and now works as a Systems Developer for aquila. Without her help to actually get the text and photographs into these pages, this website would probably still be under construction.

My third vote of thanks goes to Emma, my youngest daughter, who graduated from Loughborough University in 2005 with a 2.1 in Retail Management and, after backpacking around the world, now works in marketing for Elemis near Bond Street. Emma didn't really help me put the site together, but then again she didn't distract me too much either, so I guess that she must also deserve a vote of thanks.

My final vote of thanks goes to my wife Moira - the 'fun detector'. She has managed to put up with my hobby for a number of years without too much complaint and has even provided the odd bit of encouragement on occasions. However, understandably she does insist that in the summer DIY and other 'domestic tasks' take priority!