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Here are four excellent sites for Aviation Books:

Link to Airlife Link to Amazon

Link to Motor Books

Link to Aviation Bookshop

Some of the best Aviation Magazines currently available:

Link to Air Forces Monthly Link to Air International Link to Aviation News
Link to Aircraft Illustrated Link to Air Enthusiast Link to Combat Aircraft
Link to Flight International Link to The Aeroplane Link to Janes

My Prefered Military Aviation Websites

Link to Air Recce Website
Link to Canberra Website
Link to Thunder & Lightnings Website Link to Air Vectors Website
Link to II(AC) Sqn Website
Link to SR-71 Website
Link to Black Magic Website
Link to Silent Warriors Website Link to Target Lock website
Link to 6th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 		website Link to Area 51 Special Projects website Link to The Unofficial Area 51 Tour website
Link to Milavia Military Aviation Website
Link to Air Attack Website
Link to Afterburner Website
Link to YO-3a Website
Link to The Military Aircraft Collection
Link to Zap 16 Website
Link to Venik's Aviation Website
Link to Touchdown Aviation Website
Link to the Air Combat Information Group Website
Link to the World's Armed Forces Website
Link to the Fighter Control Website
Link to the Military Images Website
Link to the Milairpics Website
Link to the 7406 Sqn Website
Link to the Cold War Museum Website

My Prefered Aviation Links Websites

Link to Aeroseek
Link to Stalag 13 Aviation Links
Link to Arjens Aviation Links
Link to Howard Curtis's 'AirNet' Website
Link to Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory
Link to Aircraft Information Directory
Link to Aircraft Designations Systems website

Other Interesting Websites

Link to Paul Lahmar's website
Imint and Analysis blog
Link to Psywar
Link to Chinese Defence Today
Link to The Assault Glider Project
Link to John Locker's SATCOM & SIGINT Website
Link to The Black Vault
Link to Above Top Secret
Link to Subversive Element
Link to Dark Government
Link to Time Garden's Website
Link to Alan Turnbull's Secret Bases Website
Link to the Stuff You Can Use Website

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Click here for the Spyflight Website Homepage

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