When is the site updated?

It depends entirely on when I find the time to get around to it. I work full time and the site is one of my hobbies. Like many other people with similar websites, the amount of time I can devote to the site is limited. However, from 1 Jan 2004, I am aiming to update the site in early Jan, May and Sep each year.

Why does the site look strange on my 17Ē or 21Ē monitor?

Not everyone has a large monitor, so the site is optimised for a 15Ē monitor. However, it works fine on larger monitors, it just looks a bit odd.

Why are the photographs so small?

Although more and more people have Broadband, quite a few people still make do with a 56k connection, so to enable the site pages to load quickly, the size of the graphics are limited. At the end of the day, the site is more about text, than graphical content. If you want aviation photographs, then I suggest you visit one of the many websites just dedicated to aviation photographs. However, if you want a copy of a particular photograph, just get in touch.

Do you intend to have advertising on the site?

No, because I loathe aviation sites that are smothered in adverts and Ďpop-upsí, so I neither want nor ever intend to have advertising on the site - this is not a 'commercial' website in any sense and never will be. However, my Guestbook is provided free on another server and does sometimes carry a banner advert.

Why is the right mouse button disabled?

To discourage visitors copying the content without asking. If you want a copy any of the content e-mail me at webmaster@spyflight.co.uk and Iíll almost certainly forward what you want.

Why don't any of the photographs have a description underneath?

Position your mouse icon over a photograph and a description of the photograph will appear.

Why donít you add some Music or some Flash or more Java code to liven the site up?

I prefer to concentrate on site content, rather than the initial appearance. IMHO too many websites use unnecessary music, distracting graphics and other gimmicks to disguise a lack of in-depth content. Apart from a couple of small bits of Java, the site was written entirely in basic HTML using Notepad, hopefully keeping the code to a minimum and enabling it to load as quickly as possible.

If I submit an article Iíve written on reconnaissance, will you add it to the site?

Iím more than happy to consider including articles written by other people on the site, particularly from those individuals who actually took part in Cold War reconnaissance activities. If youíve written something that you think might be of interest, e-mail it to me at: webmaster@spyflight.co.uk

What are your plans for the site in the future?

Well, I intend to keep adding new articles on aircraft, reconnaissance operations, recce pods and UAVs. Iím currently working on adding a Forum that will allow visitors to post topics of interest and then openly discuss them. One visitor suggested that I add a section on reconnaissance cameras, but at the moment I donít have sufficient detail to make it worthwhile. If you would like to forward any suggestions for the site please e-mail me at: webmaster@spyflight.co.uk